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Dear One, I would like to invite you to join us to my Healing Circle. Every morning, as I log in to my blog, I will read your healing requests, and bring you in to my Healing Circle. As a Reiki Master with the Gift of Vision, I believe that we can all heal and make this world a better one.I will work with Reiki Tibetan, Usui and Egyptian Symbols. Please join me by entering your name in the comment box. Or call me on Keen. Your first call will be free and if you refer someone, you will earn $50.
Om Nanah Shivaya

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  1. Please pray for my boyfriend Denny,
    in both body & spirit. He is severely depressed and needs the healing strength for his body and
    spirit. Thank You.

  2. Please say a prayer for me. I am facing foreclosure of my home,am on social security,
    and am working a part-time job at minimum wage.
    My prayers are to be able to stay in my home as long as I can,find additional employment,have peace of mind,above all,before all.

  3. Please add my son Nicolas to your prayers.He needs healing energies , willpower & wisdom to learn and act upon best ways to deal with his health problems.
    Peace,health & love to all

  4. Please pray for me -I have been unemployed since July of 2008 -I am seeking fulltime employment- I am seeking a job offer-I thank you and I am grateful for this healing circle

  5. Beautiful Reiki attunement took place this place on the Pacific Ocean, I heard your prayers. We heal together. We heal others. Shanti.
    Golden Light

  6. Prayers for me to be be a whole person - healthy in mind and spirit. To forgive myself and move on with life. To pray for financial abundance and life lasting love... God bless you!

  7. Thank you for the great psychic reading... you were so right.. I wasn't looking in the right direction and the moment, I let you go, love came knocking. I was just wasting my time waiting for someone who has another woman in his life. Thanks Golden Light for the great psychic reading.

  8. Thank you Golden Light for praying for my prosperity. I would love to do a reiki healing together. Call Golden Light for the best reading too

  9. Thank you Golden Light and everyone for praying for my boyfriend Denny. I ask now
    for your prayers for me to continue
    to try to help him with his struggle to find
    answers to life's difficulties. But mostly to
    find peace and joy in this short time we have on earth. Thank you all so very much!!!

  10. Please pray that I will find suitable employment within 2 weeks. Thank you!


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