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Dear One, I asked spirit what was your message for the day and I pulled the King of Wands.  Call me for an in-depth reading. I will be online all evening.. Here is the meaning;

King of Wands
: The essence of fire behaving as air, such as lightning: A great and daring leader who inspires others to rise to challenges alongside him. An artist who can take hold of an idea and make it a reality through bold action. One who is forceful, charismatic, and honest, leading by example, but unafraid to invest authority in others. A dashing and magnetic personality, carrying authority naturally, and striking at the world with swiftness and grace. The One Card spread is the most concise of all spreads, intended to provide a quick take on a situation, or to reduce it to a single point of meditation.

The Phoenix Tarot is one of the most strikingly beautiful decks of the 20th century. Through vibrant colors and stylized images, it breathes new life into the familiar symbology of the Tarot. The card represents the critical factor for the issue at hand.

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